Why Have a Fish Tank?

When I got my first fish tank I asked what size I needed since I only wanted a couple of Goldfish. Feng Shui says they bring good luck (more on that here). The guy said I should get the biggest aquarium I could accommodate, because I'd get addicted. "Nah", I thought, "I only want a fish tank for good luck". So, I took home a 10 gallon fish tank, which very quickly turned into a 25 gallon aquarium, and from there all the way to a 75 gallon tank, and that's because I couldn't fit a bigger one in my home. Tanks are really addicting. They become an important part of your d├ęcor, those fish become your pets.

So, if you've made up your mind or are still not sure, take a look around The Fish Tank Place, and you'll find everything you need to start your new hobby at very affordable prices. If you are new to aquariums, you will find very useful information, and the pros can get their upgrades or replacement parts, filters, lights, decorations, plants, gravel... everything!

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