Filter Media

Foam Media: This Fish Tank Filter Media is very porous and will filter out most of the minuscule pieces of metabolic waste and other pollutants that are present in a fish tank. Foam filters hold beneficial bacteria, needed to decompose harmful nitrites and other toxic waste from your tank. Foam filter media works as a biological and a mechanical filter that cleans and aerates the fish tank and benefits the quality of life of your aquarium inhabitants.

Polyester Media: These media are ergonomically designed to fit all underwater filters. They are made of thick, yet ultra fine polyester which allow them to hold even the most miniscule waste particles present in the aquarium water helping to make it sparklingly clear.

Mechanical Media: The mechanical media is used for straining, to physically trap debris from aquarium water and removing it. You have to replace the mechanical filter media regularly to keep aquarium water free of floating particles.

Activated Carbon Media: Activated Carbon is treated with oxygen to make it porous, and due to this porosity it can filter out minuscule pieces of metabolic waste and water pollutants in your fish tank. But the activated carbon media also holds beneficial bacteria to help decompose harmful nitrites contained in your tank.

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