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Guppies are one of the most popular aquarium fish in the world. It is a freshwater species. Guppies are more suitable for beginners as they are easy to keep and non-aggressive. There are different varieties of guppy fish and they are available in different colors, such as green, blue and red.

Different varieties include the Lyretail guppy, the Flagtail guppy, the Lacetail guppy, the Veiltail guppy, the Bottom and Double Swordtail guppy, the Fantail guppy, the Red Tail guppy, the Long Fin guppy, the Triangle Tail guppy, the Fancy guppy, the Rounded guppy, the Glass guppy, the Tuxedo guppy, the Grass guppy, the King Cobra guppy, the Peacock guppy, the Mosaic guppy and the Snakeskin guppy.

Guppies can be kept in community aquariums because they are very peaceful. You can keep a guppy in a 2 gallon aquarium but it's better if it's not alone. You can keep several guppies in larger aquariums. Be sure to provide them with hiding places; they feel better and will experience less stress. Cover the bottom of the aquarium with gravel. The best water temperature to keep guppies is between 75-85ยบ F and the pH level of the water should be between 6.8 -7.6.

Remember not to over-feed guppies. They can be fed once or twice a day. Flake food is better for guppies but can be supplemented with live food. Live or frozen Brine shrimp, bloodworms, fruit flies, Daphnia, chopped earthworms, mosquito larvae and micro worms are other suitable foods for guppies. You can feed them only with flake food, but live food makes them healthier. Their stomachs are small and can consume only a little bit of food at one feeding.

Fancy Male Guppy

Fancy Male Guppy

Guppies can bebred easily in aquariums and will often spawn without any encouragement. It is better to place the expecting female guppy in a separate aquarium and after giving birth, the mother guppy can return back to the normal aquarium.

Fancy Female Guppy

Fancy Female Guppy

Sometimes adult guppies eat their fry. Well fed adults do not eat their young ones. Some of the breeders place breeder nets that divide the aquarium into two areas. Guppy fry have to feed more than adult guppy and you can feed them four or five times a day.
Males and females do not look like the same species. Males are colorful and have large fins and females are a dull grey. They will grow to 2-2.5 inches. Guppies are community fish and you should keep more than 5 guppies in an aquarium. It is better to keep a radio of 3 females to a male. Guppies live happily with more than 10-15 inhabitants in a reasonably sized fish tank. They annoy other fish in the tank by following them but will do them no harm. Be careful with bigger fish, because they'll have guppies for lunch. The lifespan of guppies is about 4 years.

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