Top 10 Things You Should Never Do With Your Fish Tank

When you have a fish tank for the first time, you have probably learned how to set it up, how to treat the water, even how to cycle the tank before putting in your fish. But there are other minor things that can become major if you don't avoid them. These are things that can kill all your fish!

Here are the top 10 things you should NEVER do with your tank:

1.-Use a sponge or brush to clean your tank that is not specifically made for all glass aquariums and acrylic tanks, not even if you think you washed it, boiled it or rinsed it perfectly.

2.-Use rocks or driftwood you find lying around. Anything you put in the tank is a potential danger to your fish. Driftwood needs to be treated, and so do rocks.

3.-Mix fish without first doing some research about the best tank mates for the fish you are keeping. Many species are aggressive and will have your existing fishes for lunch, and others might have different water needs. Check the articles under What Fish Can I Have.

Top 10 Things You Should Never Do With Your Fish Tank4.-Use just any decoration. Decorations need to be made of special materials to be used in an aquarium. Do a lot of research before you put anything in your tank that's not specifically made for fish tanks.

5.-Use beach sand as substrate for your tank. It needs to be a special sand without the chemical residues and other materials that can harm your livestock.

6.-Wash your hands well before putting them in the tank. Cream, soap residue and lotions can quickly harm your fish.

7.-When your bring a new fish home, do not pour the water from the bag into your tank. Always acclimate the fish inside the bag or do a drip acclimation, then take the fish out and discard the water with the bag.

8.-Overfeeding. This is the principal reason beginners lose their fish. It's better to feed a very, very small quantity a few times a day.

9.- Use commercial products to clean the outside of your all glass aquariums or acrylic tanks. Always use water, a mix of water and vinegar, or a product specifically made for aquariums.

10.- Overcrowd your tank. This can lead to territorial fights, illness and many, many other problems. Only place about 1 inch of fish per each gallon of water in your fish tank.

Though it may seem easy to throw some fishes in the water and call it a fish tank, if you care for the health of those fish and the beauty of your tank, always research and read up on what it takes to set up and keep a healthy aquarium.