Oscars are interesting fish. Some aquarists consider them very intelligent. They can actually tell their owner from a stranger, some say they even beg for their food when they approach the tank, and even pet them. But be careful not to do it often, since this can remove their protective slime barrier. They are pretty hardy fish and easy to keep, but due to their large size and messy feeding habits, you will need efficient filtration installed on your aquarium.

Oscars are quite pushy. A strange fact is that if you have only two or three Oscars in your tank, they will fight each other. However, if you have many of them, they won't and everybody will get along. So, the recommendation is that you get more than six Oscars , which you would have to keep in a 500 gallon tank, or keep only one.

When Oscars are small, they can live in a 10 or 15 gallon aquarium for a short time, but you should use at least a 50 gallon tank from the beginning since Oscars grow to be very big! Some Oscars have been reported to grow up to 18 inches and weigh about 3.5 lb.

It is best to get a long tank instead of a high tank, since they enjoy swimming side to side not up and down. I would recommend using soft sand instead of gravel, it's kinder on their scales. The water has to be keptOscar Fish between 72 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tiger Oscar

Tiger Oscar

Remember three important things when choosing your Oscar's tankmates. They should be big enough so they' don't end up as a tasty snack for your Oscar.  Small fish such as tetras, guppies etc. should never be mixed with Oscars. An Oscar will look upon these as food and they probably won't last very long. Choose a fish that can defend itself, and that is capable of competing for food with an Oscar in the tank.

Also bear in mind that you might not have enough room for any tankmates. If you have got a minimum size tank, don't even consider adding any  fish. A  3 inch Oscar looks very small in a big tank, but imagine when it grows to be 12 inches long.

Oscar Fish

Lutino Oscar

It's not a good idea to have live plants in that tank. Oscars will just uproot them.

Oscars come in a wide variety of types: the tiger Oscar, the red Oscar, the pink Oscar, the veil tail Oscar, and the pink veil tail Oscar. Each Oscar has a different temperament, but they all have the same growth rate

As I mentioned, Oscars are carnivorous, which means they eat meat, like feeder gold fish and black worms, but it is recommended that they are only fed floating pellet food. When your Oscar fish are still under 3 inches, you can feed them floating flake fish food for tropical fish, but once they've grown over 3 inches long, they will require floating pellet food. Some pellets have additives that will enhance the color of Oscars.

Oscars can live for more than 20 years if you take good care of them, but with just regular care, you can expect them to live between 12 and 15 years.

All in all, if you like large fish, Oscars are great .They will become attached to you and you to them, so they are not "just a fish" but a beloved pet.