Puffer Fish

Puffer fish are also known as swellfish, blowfish, globefish and fugu. It is an unusual species of fish with very unique characteristics. The name Puffer fish comes from its behavior. When it gets frightened, it can puff up to double its size by swallowing water or air. Puffer fish can even swim during this swollen state. There are around 100 varieties of Puffer fish. Puffer fish are found in the ocean, in coastal areas, in fresh water and in brackish water.

It is a popular aquarium fish, even though it is very poisonous. Many parts of the fish have a paralyzing poison called tetrodoxin. Puffers can be small or large. The dwarf Puffer grows only to 1.5 inches, but a giant freshwater Puffer will grow up to 2.5 feet. You can keep freshwater puffers in your aquarium. Some of the freshwater Puffers you can keep in an aquarium are the Green Spotted Puffer and the Figure Eight Puffer. Puffers have to keep alone or with their own species. There are exceptions, but generally the tank mates will become the food for the Puffer. They will get along better with fast swimming fish like Danios, Sharks, Rainbow fish and Barbs.

They won’t eat commercially prepared fish food. Small Puffers enjoy blackworms, bloodworms, mysis shrimp, smaller krill and other similar frozen foods. Larger Puffers will feed on crab legs, prawns, shrimp, crickets, mussels, large krill and other such foods. You can feed smaller Puffers once or twice a day, whereas larger Puffers should be fed about three times a week. Puffers can come recognize their owners!

Puffers have to be kept in a large tank. A big tank is ideal if you also have other fish, that way they'll have several hiding places to escape the Puffers appetite. Water quality is important for Puffers. They have no scales and because of this they are sensitive to poor quality water. The best temperature for the water in the aquarium is 24-26ºC. The pH level of the water should be maintained around 7. They prefer to have fine substrate.

Puffer FishMost Puffers like to eat plants, and you will have to make caves in the aquarium so that they can hide from each other. They are likely to hide during the day and prefer to come out in the late afternoon and evening even though they are not nocturnal. Colomesus Asellus is a freshwater Puffer fish which is popular among aquarists as it is a peaceful fish.

Puffer fish can become stressed very easily, so you have to create an environment that makes them healthy both mentally and physically. Stress can weaken their immune systems and they might become more susceptible to illness. Puffer fish can live several years.