Can Goldfish Live In 80 Degree Water? What Are The Best Temps For Goldfish?

If you reside in a hot climate, it may have crossed your mind, if you can keep a goldfish in 80 degrees temperature. Goldfish can survive in different types of temperatures; they just need to get used to the warmth of the water and other changes in the aquarium. Today, we are going to discuss if your goldfish can survive in 80-degree water, and more. You may get relief when you know that it’s possible to keep your goldfish at this temperature.

Can goldfish live in 80 degree water?

Goldfish are popular freshwater pets, and even if you are planning to get one, you have already seen them as pets in your friend’s house. Goldfish are easy to take care of, and they can live in different types of temperatures. You can keep them in any type of aquarium and the fish will adjust to it. These fishes are also known as hardy ones as they can tolerate a wide range of temperatures in the water tank. However, before you become very happy and buy a fish to make them adjust to any temperature, keep in mind that goldfish is quite sensitive and prefer cooler water tank. Although they can survive and stay put in an 80-degree temperature, they will always prefer water temperatures from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If the water in the fish tank is too warm, they can have health issues such as, swim bladder disease rotting of fin, and poor growth. If your goldfish is suffering from any kind of health issues, it’s best to take them to a vet for immediate treatment.

Moreover, there are other types of goldfish, but not all of them can tolerate the 80-degree temperature. Some of them, such as the common and the comet goldfish, can survive up to 79 degrees in water temperature. On the other hand, other goldfish like fancy goldfish can take only 77 degrees or cooler water than that. So, if you have a fancy fish in your tank, make sure to keep them at 77 degrees or cooler temperatures.

In addition, goldfish in the wild can live in temperatures from 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This is for the wild fish only, but in captivity, these fishes can survive at room temperature that ranges from 70 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit even. But to ensure their survival, you need to ask the seller or a professional about the goldfish and its type.


While the 80-degree temperature of the water may not the best suited for goldfish, they can easily tolerate warm water in the aquarium. These fishes can withstand temperatures from 60 to 86 degrees. However, it’s important to keep in mind that, this is the higher level of their temperature tolerance. You have to be aware that warmer temperatures can bring diseases to the fish. The fish too will generate more waste, for that, you have to change the water frequently and clean the tank properly to keep the tank clean. You can install a filtration system which can keep the water clean. Other than this, your fish can get affected by parasites and harmful bacteria. So, you need to monitor the fish for any signs of illness or symptoms.

Overall, keeping your goldfish in warm temperatures can be a challenge. You have to be prepared for the extra work like cleaning the tank and installing filters and more. You may have to install a water cooler to keep the temperature optimum.


To keep your goldfish happy you must keep the temperature from 68 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the best temperature for goldfish. Higher temperatures will encourage the growth of the fish, but if it’s too high, the fish can become stressed in the hot climate of the fish tank and will have oxygen deficiency. Make sure to keep the temperature stable and allow your fish to adapt to it. Goldfish don’t prefer sudden changes in the water temperature unless you are trying to breed them. Otherwise, it’s recommended to keep the water temperature stable for the entire year.

The constant and sudden water temperature change can be harmful to the fish, but it’s not fatal. You can add one tablespoon of sea or aquarium salt in five gallons of water to ensure better health for the goldfish.


If you are trying to breed the goldfish, the temperature requirement will be different than before. You have to change the temperature from the usual, you have to replicate the warmth or coolness based on nature. Goldfish mainly hatch eggs in springtime, this is the time when the water temperature rises after the winter months. So, if you want to encourage the goldfish to lay eggs in the fish tank, you have to lower the water temperature in the aquarium. You have to lower the temperature to around 54 degrees Fahrenheit, this is the ideal warmth. After that, to induce the eggs, you have to gradually escalate the water temperature and keep it to 68 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit.


Your goldfish may not need a heater. They can tolerate a wide range of atmospheres, and they will be happy in the tank without having a heater. If the water is below sixty-eight Fahrenheit, you need a heater and install it in the aquarium. Otherwise, your fish will be happy to grow and stay happy with the temperature.


When it comes to the cooler temperature for goldfish, they can survive water that is near freezing. Which is an amazing thing for these fishes. However, you have to keep the temperature over 65 degrees Fahrenheit, when you are not attempting breeding. This temperature will help them become strong and they can grow.

Another important thing is that the fish tank temperature must not change suddenly. If there’s a sudden change in the temperature, it can shock the goldfish and this will invite health issues like swim bladder disease in the pet.


To measure the water temperature of your fish tank, you need to buy an aquarium thermometer. Once you purchase it, you have to follow the instruction on the package.

You will find three types of aquarium thermometers-

* Digital thermometers

* The thermometer that sticks outside the fish tank

* The one that sticks to the inside of the fish tank


Goldfish are easy to maintain, and they do not need extra care. However, if you are confused about the temperature of the water tank, you must keep it between 65 to 80 degrees based on the type of goldfish you have.