Desktop Building Blocks Betta Fish Tanks

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Lego Betta Fish Tanks

Create a relaxing, natural, and aesthetically pleasing environment in any room of your home with this mini aquarium Lego block. All you need to do is add your own decor to the inside, along with your own fish selection, and enjoy this mini aquarium’s beautiful design that has visibility from all angles.

Lego Betta Fish Tanks Features

  • This link is a medium-sized transparent naked cylinder with candle lights. If you need other colors, please contact customer service. The size of the medium transparent cylinder: 12 cm long, 8 cm wide, and 10.5 cm high. The size is measured manually, and there is a slight error, which will not affect the use.
  • Each batch of building block cylinders will have some small flaws (slight scratches, some scum, etc.) due to manufacturing technology and other reasons. Please be careful when shooting!
  • Non-sealed, with ventilation holes, and gaps between the lid and the inner cylinder. It is recommended to raise fighting fish (only single breeding), zebrafish, traffic lights, turtles, seaweed balls, etc. Fish that need oxygen can buy a small oxygenator.
  • How to use Building block cylinder: hold the transparent inner cylinder with one hand, hold the outer frame with the other hand, and pull it in the opposite direction to turn on the light: turn it counterclockwise to open, take out the white plastic disc, and the two batteries are on the opposite side (with embossed ones) That side) is facing upwards, and the light is placed directly on the round hole on the cover after installation, and it is movable. Tighten the light to turn on, loosen the light to turn off.
  • A light with two-button batteries keeps on for about 60 to 70 hours, just turn it on once when viewing.

Common Betta Breeding Questions

Question 1: Will the fish jump out without a cover?

Answer: The water level should not be too high, otherwise the fish will easily jump into the tank (the water level should not exceed 4/5)

Question 2: Can two bettas be raised in one tank?

Answer: Bettas cannot be mixed, they should be raised in a single tank

Question 3: Does raising betta fish need oxygen filtration?

Answer: Raising betta fish does not require oxygen filtration

Question 4: How to heat the fish tank when the weather is cold?

Answer: Buy a special heating pad for fish tanks, which can be placed under the fish tank or on the side of the fish tank. The water temperature of betta fish is 25-27°C as the suitable temperature.


Purple, Blue, Rainbow, Red, Warm White, White

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